About Me


Store Owner & Photographer

Hi lovelies! My name's Lindsay and I've been a professional photographer for just over 10 years. I'm passionate about creating beautiful photographs, so whether that's timeless wedding photos or enticing product shots, I'm happy!

After having a lot of people reach out to me for help with their businesses, from taking and/or editing photos, to creating websites, templates and presets, I realised I could be of more help to other small business owners - particularly as many of you have a lot on your plate right now, with homeschooling and managing your mental and physical health through a winter lockdown (I feel you!).

So I decided to use the skills I've spent time honing, to help you make your business the best it can be. If one of my products can give you back some time to spend on yourself or with your partner, or the energy to play hide-and-seek with your children or enjoy a zoom call with your mum, I'll be happy! 🤍

You've made our products look incredible! Thank you so much Lindsay, so happy to be working with you! ❤

Hannah Mair
Business Owner

Why Choose Us?

If you're here for product photography, I'm your girl. I love challenging myself to create new and interesting setups and love working with unique brands. I'm all about sustainability and caring for our planet and its animals, so if that's important to you too, even better! We'll talk everything through before I shoot, to make sure we're on the same page creatively and I'll keep you updated throughout the process, sending proofs to ensure you're over the moon with the end product! My business is my baby, so I get how important it is for you to have beautiful photographs that reflect what you and your brand are all about, but I promise you, I've got you.

But wait, as a business owner, I'm way more than a photographer... I'm a website manager, accountant, social media manager, graphic designer, advertiser - the list goes on! I'm betting if you're a one-person business, that rings some bells for you... Am I right!?

God only knows how much time, money and energy I've spent over the past 10 years on research, training and learning new skills - even just in the last year! I've pulled countless all-nighters, skipped hundreds of meals and ducked out of dozens of social events, all to make my business the absolute best it can be. 

But I don't really want that for you. 

I want you to have a stand-out brand, without the wasted (yes, wasted - there are a million and one courses out there and finding the right one takes trial and error - ERROR, in my case!) time and energy. Even if your business is thriving - which I hope it is! - and you can afford all the courses in the world, I'd wager that getting back your time and saving your energy for your family and friends is worth so much more? Let me help you make your business the best it can be, so you can spend more time with your loved ones and get a good night's sleep and proper meals! 

Depending on what you're here for, I have a number of ready-made products, such as presets for perking up your photos and creating a uniform aesthetic (for a seamless insta feed your friends will be jealous over) and instagram post and story frames. Alternatively, we can work together to create you your own branding pack, from personalised presets, to story and post templates, logos, business cards and store websites.

Whatever you need to level up your business, I'm here for it! 🤍